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Happy Birthday, starrylizard!

Happy birthday to you;
happy birthday to you;
happy birthday, dear
happy birthday to you!

Have a wonderful day and a very happy and healthy year.

For the past four years I have organised a "Science Fiction and Fantasy-Friendly Service" that invites geeks to come and worship God while dressed up in some sort of costume. I guess it's cosplay church. But not complete cosplay - I am a real minister, it is real worship, and it does happen in a real church. There's always a theme; this year it was "Life is a Journey" and the tagline was "To boldly go ... on a quest ... through time and space". And this is what I said as a Reflection/Sermon:

I have lots and lots of books with maps inside the front cover. Maps of Middle-Earth, Pern, Britain in the time of King Arthur; maps of the kingdoms of the Alorns and Angaraks, of Narnia, of Discworld, of Earthsea and Westeros and Fionavar and the Peninsula of the Palm.

The late Diana Wynne Jones didn’t think much of these maps. In her Tough Guide to Fantasy Land, the ultimate guide for anyone planning a sojourn in Middle-Earth or the kingdoms of the Alorns, she said of such maps:

you will look in vain for inns, rest-stops or villages, or even roads. No - wait another minute - on closer examination,you will find the empty interior crossed by a few bird tracks. If you peer at these you will see they are (somewhere) labelled ‘Old Trade Road - Disused’ and ‘Imperial Way - Mostly Long Gone’. Some of these routes appear to lead (or have led) to small edifices enticingly titled ‘Ruin’, ‘ Tower of Sorcery’ or ‘Dark Citadel’, but there  is no scale of miles and no way of telling how long you might take on the way to see these places. In short, the Map is useless, but you are advised to keep consulting it because it is the only one you will get. And, be warned. If you take this Tour, you are going to have to visit every single place on this Map, whether it is marked or not. This is a Rule.Read more...Collapse )

The sermon is never complete without a vid and you can see the amazing vid that starrylizard made for the service here.

Looking for BtVS clips

So, putting together another sci fi service and I'm looking for clips that look at family and community, Some I've been able to find on-line, but I'm after:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Family 5.06, Tara belongs with her family, not her ‘blood kin’: DVD 35:37-36:34

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Checkpoint 5.12, Buffy needs her team: DVD 40:20-48

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chosen 7.22, “My power is our power”: DVD 25:33-26:40

Superman Returns: Lois and Richard save Superman: DVD 1:54:30 -1:56:16

Does anyone have these in a format I could use?

Of course, starrylizard, if you want to make me a community/family vid to go with the ones you've made the previous two years, that would be even better, but I don't want to put you on the spot.

Supernatural Master Fic List

Trying to put together a master list of my Supernatural fic, now that there's beginning to be enough to archive. All stories are Gen.

Throughout Time

Five times Dean tried to read The Lord of the Rings - and one time Sam was sure he had
At twelve Sam discovered The Lord of Rings. It wasn't really Dean's thing, but every so often he'd give it a try. Angst with hurt!Dean and limp!Sam. Story starts here.

Five times Jim Murphy called Bobby Singer - and one time someone else did.
Story here.

Pre Series

Sammy breaks a bone and Dean makes a promise. Family. Dean is 8, Sammy is 4. Story here.

Pastor Jim contemplates his greatest pastoral failure. Family. Dean is 10, Sammy is 6. Story here.

Magister quod discipulus
During a quiet afternoon in Blue Earth, Sam-the-researcher is born. Family. Sam is 9, Dean is 13. Story here.

"Psychic Boy"
Sammy is convinced the Santa Suit is haunted. Is he right, and how does he know? Dean is 16, Sam is 12. Short Case Fic with bonus Angst.
Story here

Some things are cliches for a reason
When John refuses to allow Sammy to play soccer, Sam storms out. But in this little town that's not a safe things to do. Dean is 17, Sam is 13. Angst. Story starts here.

Season One

The boys are on the case, and it's Sam's turn to choose the aliases. Humour. Story here

Dean learns more about the female anatomy than he ever wanted to know. Sam copes. Crack!fic. Story here.

Season Three

Angelic Possession
The night Dean's deal falls due, Sam makes a deal of his own. AU. Spirituality. Story here


OMG!!!!! Starrylizard is awesome

I just saw the first draft of the vid starrylizard is making for my sci fi church service and it is the most awesome thing ever! This is going to be simply the coolest church service EVER!
Okay, trying to think of death and resurrection scenes for the next 'Church of the Latter Day Geeks' service and these are what I've got so far. Any other suggestions?


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 5.22 ‘The Gift’; 6.22 ‘Grave’

Stargate SG-1: (Daniel) 5.21 ‘Meridian’; 7.01 ‘Fallen’

Supernatural: Dean 3.16 ‘No rest for the wicked’; 4.01 ‘Lazarus Rising’;
(Sam) 5.22 ‘Swan Song’; 6.12 ‘Like a virgin’ (for the hugs)

Doctor Who: ‘The End of Time part 2’ – Ten regenerates into Eleven


The Lord of the Rings: (Gandalf) ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ – Gandalf falls against the Balrog; ‘Two Towers’ – Gandalf returns as the White Rider.

Star Trek: (Spock) ‘Wrath of Khan’ – “the needs of the many”; ‘Search for Spock’ – “Jim, your name is Jim”.

Star Wars: (Obi-Wan Kenobi) ‘A New Hope’ – “If you strike me down …”

Superman Returns: The Kryptonite mountain; Superman falls.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2: Harry goes to his death; talks with Dumbledore and decides to return.

In Australia some children are imprisoned, without trial, indefinitely. We call this immigration detention.
The videoCollapse )

Marriage Equality Act

Thanks, melwil, for reminding me:

The Australian House of Representatives is seeking submissions on the Marriage Equality Bill. The survey asking for people's opinion is here and is very quick and easy to fill in.

(I suspect my response was idiosyncratic - I want same-sex marriage AND I want the Act to treat religious and civil celebrants in exactly the same way. No blanket religious exemptions! As a marriage celebrant I have discretion, and my churches have discretion, over whether or not to marry a couple. There's no need for any further protection, and most ministers I know WANT to be able to marry same-sex couples. So all the reassurances that religious celebrants will be exempt doesn't reassure me at all.)

I'm working to change the world!

Will elaborate on this later, but for the moment let me just say that my friends and I are determined that the Australian Christian Lobby is going to go DOWN. And that as ministers we'll get to celebrate same-sex marriages in the next decade.

Armageddon, Melbourne

So, I'm about to head to Adelaide for a conference; I get home late Friday night and I'm baptizing a family of four on Sunday morning and Saturday's going to be spent organizing that. There's no way I can get down to Melbourne for Armageddon. So ...

... could someone who is going to be there propose to Mark A. Sheppard for me?

(If he's there: I note the website says "work and health permitting".)


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